Crochet Ribbed Infinity Scarf

Crochet Ribbed Infinity Scarf free pattern.


Easy Project for Beginners
Crochet Ribbed Infinity Scarf

Lately, my creative outlet and obsession has been crocheting. My pinterest board is filled with crochet projects.

My husband couldn’t remember the term crochet my first few times on the needle, so he referred to it as “knitching.”

I think it’s a clever, all-encompassing term for handmade goods – knitting, crocheting, stitching, and sewing projects. So, I’ve dubbed my pinterest board as such. All trades that I plan on learning.

Make This Scarf for Less Than $5

Have you ever been shopping for a specific accessory at the store as the new winter season is upon you? A scarf, beanie, sweater, gloves, etc. You finally find the right one that you can picture wearing with your winter gear on those chilly days, only to look at the price tag and see that the cost is not going to fit into your budget.

Me, too.

With a new-found adoration for crocheting, I took to Pinterest and found similar pictures and then tutorials for the type of (in this case) beanie and scarf that I wanted.

I fell in love with this rich, deep color of yellow and decided on using it to make a beanie. Then, a scarf to match. I liked the ribbed pattern in some pictures and finally stumbled upon a great tutorial for the pattern I wanted.

My biggest pull to crocheting is that it is a fraction of the cost to make crocheted items that you see for sale in stores. The two times that I went to the craft store to buy the yarn for this scarf, it was on sale. I bought the first roll for around $2 or $3 and the second time, I used a coupon to get the roll for $1.50.

Being new at crocheting, I can tell you that it is easy to learn. So, get ready to make those beautiful, home-made accessories that you see on Pinterest or in store.

It is a fraction of the cost to make crocheted items that you see for sale in stores.

Customize Your Crochet Infinity Scarf

The tutorial for my scarf is down below, but another beauty of crochet is being able to customize items that I want to make.

Color, style, size. You can choose what you want and go about making it.

Along with this color jumping out at me, I saw the ribbed pattern on crocheted items multiple times and wanted to make an infinity scarf with it.

I searched on Pinterest, found multiple ways that people had made a ribbed crochet pattern, and settled on this Ribbed Half Double Crochet Stitch tutorial by Little Monkey’s Crochet.

Now mind you, I tried multiple different tutorials for ribbing, but found that this one worked best for making the infinity scarf that I pictured.

So, I encourage you to find something that jumps out at you – pattern, color, or style – and do some research to make it exactly how you picture it.

Ribbed Half Double Crochet Stitch
Ribbing Pattern

Some notes before we get started: Go to Little Monkey Crochet’s ribbed half double crochet stitch tutorial to learn the stitch. I will refer to it in my tutorial as she does: RibHDC. Then you can follow along below.

For the scarf, I tried it on as I went along to see what size I wanted. I encourage you to experiment to find your desired thickness and length. For the length, once you pass the first row of chains, you won’t be able to adjust the length. Try the first row of chains around your neck for desired length/number of wraps (mine wraps around twice, loosely, as seen).  For the thickness, the more rows you add, the thicker. So, you can always add more or less as you desire.

If you decide to do less or more rows to adjust to desired thickness, do it in increments of 2. You need an even amount of rows, so that you end your scarf on the opposite side of where you started your chain. This helps with joining the rows at the end.

Adjust the number of initial chains and rows accordingly.

What You Will Need:

Yarn: #4 Worsted Weight Yarn ~ 300 yards
Hook: 6.5mm [US K-10.5] Yarn needle
Gauge: 12 sc = 4″ [10 cm]; 4 rows = 2″ [5 cm] in ribbed half double crochet. Adjust accordingly.
Difficulty: Easy

What I Used:

YARN: Loops & Threads Impeccable Yarn – 277 Yards/4.5 oz – 253m/127.5 g. Color #01613 or Gold

I used about 2 rolls for a hat and scarf, so I would advise buying two rolls to make sure that you have enough for the infinity scarf as it took up more of the yarn.


ch: chain
HDC: half double crochet
RibHDC: ribbed half double crochet
fr st: front stitch
sl st: slip stitch


Chain 201.

Row 1: HDC in second ch from hook and each ch across (200 HDC)

Row 2-18: Ch 1, turn, RibHDC in fr st and each fr st across (200 RibHDC)

Joining Ends: Sl st end of yarn into the first ch from your original ch row, and sl st into the remaining loops at the ends of the rows. It will be twisted.

Helpful Hint: It is correct for your scarf to be twisted once. This helps when you wrap the infinity scarf over your head twice: it would look tangled if you
didn’t join the ends by twisting it.

Wa-la. An infinity scarf. Let me know how yours turns out and what color/design you chose below.

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    1. I’ll make you one for $30 because this scarf took some time. If you see any other crocheted styles you like, let me know!

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