Beginner’s Couponing Package


A great guide for new beginners to see real-life scenarios in couponing.

– an easy-to-read couponing worksheet with details of how I got $126.55 worth of products like toothpaste, bread, and batteries for only $1.69.
– a template so you can start couponing and seeing your savings, too!


This product assists you, as a new couponer, to see exactly how couponing works providing real-life examples through a spreadsheet. It also allows you to start seeing your own savings with a template that is already set up for your couponing success that you can follow over and over again as sale cycles come back around. This product comes with:

  • The Couponing Worksheet
  • A Couponing Template

The Couponing Worksheet is an Excel spreadsheet with the details of how I bought $126.55 worth of items for only $1.69 from 12/4/16 through 12/23/16 – exactly 20 days. It will show you the store, date, item, retail cost, the circumstances used to get the items mostly free (such as sale, manufacturing coupon, rebate, etc.) and more.

The Couponing Template allows you to start building your own Couponing Worksheet to show you how much you have saved. Using the Couponing Worksheet as an example, you will easily be able to keep track of the way you coupon. In the Excel template, equations have already been added to calculate retail totals, out of pocket cost, money back received, total cost, savings and percentage saved.

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